My eyes don't hurt and I can read better. I think Nick helped me so much.
- D.W., age 10

We noticed the difference within the first month. D.W. did not complain of headaches and we saw much less "eye rolling back" uncontrollably then we had before. Now that we are done, he seems to have less problems reading then before. He used to struggle staying on the appropriate line when reading and this is not a problem as much anymore.
- D.W.'s Mom

C.D.'s reading abilities advanced leaps and bounds. Therefore, his confidence grew tremendously at school. He now reads to his younger cousins and takes chances in figuring out what signs, texts, ect. are saying. I don't see him trying to compensate by covering his eye up to help tracking. Vision therapy made an enormous, positive difference in C.D.'s and our lives. Thanks Dr. G!
- C.D.'s Mom

I read more fluently. My eyes see better. The words don't blur anymore. I do better in spelling.
- E.V., age 9

I am not sure if vision therapy is the only thing to credit, but I have seen tremendous growth in my child since the beginning of therapy to the end of therapy. Prior to therapy, my husband and I would spend 3 hours on a spelling list of ten words studying with our child. For the first time ever HE GETS IT! He is actually understanding school! Not only is he understanding school, but he is actually doing beyond our expectations we had for him. We thought that he had the potential to be a "B" student someday, but on his last report card he received all "A"s and one "B+" with an 89%. We are so proud of our son and a lot of thanks goes out to Dr. Gorsline and all the help she provided for him. We had been searching relentlessly trying to find something that would help him and this definitely did.
- E.V.'s Mom

Vision therapy has helped me increase my reading stamina and hand-eye coordination. I improved my ball handling a lot in basketball and can enjoy a good book without my eyes hurting.
- A.N. age 13

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